Welcome Letter


Hello potential Just for Kicks dancer and parent!

Fall 2024 – Spring 2025
Thank you for your interest in our studio! We have a relaxed, fun-filled atmosphere while still promoting a positive learning environment. I would like to give you some information and policies regarding the dance studio. Classes start forming in early summer. Please see the class description sheet to see where your child should be.

We do not let new students join throughout the school year as technique and recital performance material begins right away first semester. Classes will be based primarily on grade level; however, the instructor reserves the right to move individual students according to their skill level. We want students to have fun and be with their friends as much as possible, but we also want the class skill level to be equal and for all students to learn at the same pace.

The youngest we accept students for the regular session is 3 and they must be this age by fall 2024. We do accept 2-4 year olds for our 6-week trial parent/tot sessions. 3 year old, 4 year old, kindergarten, and first grade classes are 30 minutes in length at a cost of $510.00 for the dance year. Grade school classes are 45-minute classes at a cost of $560.00 for the dance year and middle school and high school will be $610. This includes 2 semesters of lessons and one recital costume per class. There is also a $30 fee per family for digital recital footage due at registration.

There is a price break for families with more than one child in dance. The first student will be full price with additional members receiving $25 off. (EXAMPLE: Jane Doe $610.00 and brother John Doe $585 with a savings of $25.00) *If the sibling is in a 30-minute class simply deduct $25 from tuition cost.

We do not offer combo classes. Each style of dance is offered individually. We would encourage any students wishing to expand their knowledge and appreciation of dance to take an additional class. There is a price break for students who wish to do so. The first class will be full price and the next additional class will be $50 off. (EXAMPLE: Jane Doe ballet class $560.00 and additional jazz class $510.00 with a savings of $50.00. The third class is $60 off, the fourth is $70 off, the fifth is $80 off) *If the dancer is in (2) 30-minute classes simply deduct $50 from the price of the class.

If you have questions about what class your dancer should be in or anything else, please reach out to me prior to filling out the online form. I will be in contact with you to discuss available class days and times. Registration is strictly online but there will be a few opportunities in late summer to tour the studio and order shoes. Classes will begin in September after Labor Day when the first FULL WEEK OF SCHOOL is.

For any further questions, please email me at jfkdancestudio@gmail.com and I will get back to you as soon as I can. I really look forward to hearing from you! Again, thank you for your interest in Just for Kicks Dance Studio!


Amity Meyer
Owner and Director