What Parents Say About Us:


“It’s been 16 years since I first signed my daughter up for dance with the one-year old studio, Just for Kicks. Since then, there has always been at least one of my four kids dancing and at one point; three of them were Just for Kickers with a special appearance by the fourth in the recital. The studio has grown from renting a room at the local community center to a small studio downtown, and finally into the larger studio they occupy now that also offers adult fitness classes and special activities for kids of all ages. The growth of this studio isn’t from luck or by lack of other options to choose from. It’s because the owner and staff have been and are 100% invested in all of the dancers and end up as family to the dancers. They don’t just teach kids to dance. They teach about teamwork, setbacks, mistakes, hard work, respect, acceptance, overcoming obstacles, confidence, and how to shine. I’ll never forget the creativity, love, and bond that went into creating my oldest daughter’s senior solo. A simple concept was molded and shaped between Abbie and my daughter that created what I consider one of the most heartstring pulling solos in 16 years (I am obviously biased, but ask anyone). As the studio grows and adds instructors, the variety and creativity grows and the recitals continue to excite and engage. Every recital, every year, exceeds my expectations. I am currently looking forward to another 12 years in partnership with JFK as Amity and her team help me to raise two more dancers to a successful adulthood.”
-Shawn Dettman


“My daughters have been a part of The Just For Kicks Dance Studio ‘family’ for a number of years. They always look forward to their weekly classes, and over the years, have increased the number of classes they wanted to take. The confidence they have gained, through dance, can be witnessed not only on the stage but also in the community. The dance instructors and helpers are kind, compassionate and positive role models. My daughters have fond memories of all their previous dances and always look forward to the new dances they are in the process of learning.”
-Quinn Hause


“I am so proud to be a parent of a child at JFK. Amity has always made us feel welcome and has always had an open door policy for the kids if they have any problems or concerns. I enjoy the fact that the kids learn all different styles of dance and are always encouraged by the teachers to try something new. There is a true positivity at JFK and it really does show in the performances and in the day-to-day lives of the kids.”
-Beckie VanGheem


“My son joined JFK Dance Studio this year….as much as he enjoys music & dancing, I was a little nervous for him. It was his very first year, he was young for his class & didn’t know any of the other boys. However, he ended up with a great group of kids, he had an amazing dance teacher and he loved it! I didn’t realize how much he really loved it until after recital weekend. It was a long weekend as his class was in all of the recitals….after the 5th & final recital on Sunday night, when they finished their final bow, he walked over to me, gave me the biggest smile, a huge hug and said “Thanks Mom, this was the best 3 days of my life!” Thanks for giving him such an amazing experience!”
-Katie Bedward


“The JFK dance family has been an absolutely wonderfully positive part of my daughter’s life for the past 4 years. She looks so forward to each of her dance classes and the wonderfully supportive environment where each year her love for dance increases. The instructors have embraced that energy and have allowed her to fulfill her dreams every day. The recitals are well-orchestrated and are a truly beautiful reflection on the love everyone has for dance. JFK – thank you for all you do.”
-Kim Meyer


“Amity and her staff work tirelessly and are always looking for new dance approaches and they are very flexible in letting the dancers try new things, encouraging them along the way. JFK has the right balance between dancing for enjoyment and focusing on technique. My daughters have been students there for 7 years (over 15 classes between the two of them so far), and we’ve been pleased with every moment.”
-Laurie Haseley


“Just for Kicks dance studio offered my son and daughters the space to be what they love in a supportive, disciplined, and noncompetitive way, allowing their gifts and talents to mature with grace and ease.”
-Pattie VanHuss


“My daughter has grown in so many ways with your help. She has courage, confidence and dedication to something she loves. She has become a beautiful dancer with a great stage presence. She has made many special friendships with your staff and other dancers. You’re professional and still very personal! Your recitals are beautifully thought out and made to include everyone. I will be sad in 2 years when our time at your studio will end.”
-Melissa Greenwood


We want to extend our gratitude to all of our dancer’s parents. We received so many kind emails, it was overwhelming. Thank you all! We wouldn’t be here without you.